Videoscribe Tips and Tricks 2021

You may find Videoscribe to be more complicated than other tools you’ve used to make animated explainer videos. But the benefits you’ll get from using it will make it the best whiteboard animation software you’ve ever tried. Its interface allows for a lot of customization, and if you’re willing to explore its features, you’ll be able to take your video marketing to a whole new level.There is a download link at the end of the post with the scribe file for my Videoscribe Preview video so you can see exactly how I created it! In this post, we’ll go over some of my top Videoscribe tips and tricks that I used and I’ll try to help make learning the software as painless as possible.

  1. If you’re creating a video with a voiceover, record the voiceover first

Unlike other video editors that have “scenes” or “slides”, your entire Videoscribe video exists on a single timeline. You should always add your voiceover first so you can animate around that audio track. Since the script is in place, you’ll already have the framework for the story you’re trying to tell. This makes it faster and easier to figure out how to begin telling it in animation. Trying to time a voiceover TO an animation is a nightmare. Do it right from the beginning and start with the voiceover.