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One of the more confusing aspects about installing new computer parts or trying to connect new devices is finding the right drivers so that...

Youzign - Beginner's Guide Thumbnail

Youzign is an online image editor that will help you create amazing ebook covers, social media headers, and mockups of business cards and flyers!

Adobe Audition CC Sample Rate Fix

Can't record in Adobe Audition? Stuck at the Sample Rates of the audio input and output devices do not match error message? Here's how to fix it!

CamStudio Malware Warning

CamStudio, a free screen recording software, may install Malware and other harmful programs on your computer! But, the SourceForge version is clean!

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editor for Windows computers. Learn about its features, weaknesses, and Movie Maker alternatives in this review!

Videoscribe Course

Sparkol's Videoscribe program lets you create whiteboard animated videos for your business or website! See Videoscribe's features and benefits here!

Powtoon Sample

Powtoon is an online service that lets you create animated explainer videos! Create promotional videos for your business or website with ease!

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So I just finished the main bulk of my Powtoon course currently available on Udemy! It's always such a thrill when you first release...

Meeting new people and making lasting connections can be tough. Fortunately, I picked up some great marketing and networking tips from Veronica Mars!

Tired of putting attribution links every time you want to use an image? Use Public Domain images instead! Here's my full list of awesome sites to check out!